Research Design --
Data-driven Decision Making

You may not doubt about the power in data. But before embarking on any data project, organizations need to figure out the following question: 1) what data do we have? What questions can we answer with existing data? 2) what data do we need? It's critical to understand the data gap and design the road-map for filling in the gap. Otherwise, any data project will likely end up collecting data without clear purposes or procedures, leading to more liability rather than return. We can help decision makers to analyze and develop enterprise data model, figuring out the important questions and required information; developing a plan to collect the data or integrate/reuse existing data in order to support important decisions.

Big Data Analytics

With time, organizations accumulate big data but the usage of such big data is limited. Our expertise in big data analytics can help transform big data into big insight and maximize the value in data assets. We are specialized in algorithm development. All kinds of algorithms and particularly predictive models are engines for big data applications, transforming data into insight for decision support. With intensive research training in data science, we are specialized in helping organizations develop various algorithms to either enhancing existing information systems or developing new functions.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics need to tailor to the decision makers' needs. Either organizations have accumulated data that are waiting to be analyzed or have to renovate their existing reporting systems to better match decision makers' needs. Driven by the specific decision makers' problems, we work back to source necessary data within or beyond the organization and develop procedure to re-configure the data and analytics. The results can be easily plugged in any information systems with minimum user learning requirement.

Academic Projects
Data-driven Decision Making

Our team conduct a wide range of research in areas including digital marketing, ehealth, digital entrepreneurship, user experience and etc. We welcome collaboration for academic research that aims at knowledge creation and publishing.